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Glimpses from Vilcabamba

Short narratives from Vilcabamba by owner Joe Simonetta who lives at Hacienda San Joaquín.

Joe relates some of his real-life experiences at the Hacienda, in Vilcabamba, and in the Andes Mountains.

No 69 New Web Site
No 68 Six Years in Vilcabamba, Ecuador
No 67 Hacienda San Joaquin Hiking and Horseback Riding Trail
No 66 Hacienda San Joaquin Today
No 65 Estate at Hacienda San Joaquin
No 64 Robert Pelland and Leslie Lattimore Residence...Traditional Meets Modern
No 63 SUNRISE Hotel and Front Entrance Update
No 62 SUNRISE (hotel) at Hacienda San Joaquin...update
No 61 Featured Home at Hacienda San Joaquin, Property Q3BU
No 60 Featured Home at Hacienda San Joaquin, Lot 7, $315,000
No 59 Featured Home at Hacienda San Joaquin, Lot 4, Q2 and Q5
No 58 Featured Home at Hacienda San Joaquin, Lot 6
No 57 SUNRISE (hotel) at Hacienda San Joaquin...update
No 56 SUNRISE (hotel) at Hacienda San Joaquin...update
No 52 BUILDING A HOTEL (Sunrise at Hacienda San Joaquin)
No 51 SUNRISE (hotel) at Hacienda San Joaquin
No 50 Canyon Properties
No 49 Shangri-La?
No 48 Imagine
No 47 Workers...Building a Ranch Community
No 46 Views of Ongoing Projects
No 45 BoomerScape Interview
No 44 Cafe Mural
...and Ecuador Named #2 in the World
No 43 River Park
No 42 Guest Book Comments
No 41 Equestrian & Hiking Center - Stable 2
No 40 Equestrian & Hiking Center - Stable 1
No 39 Equestrian and Hiking Center Overview
No 38 Entrance to Equestrian and Hiking Center
No 37 A Perfect Place to Live Our Dream, By Leslie Lattimore
No 36 Home In The Middle Of Shangri-La, By Jeff Hutner
No 35 Lee Harrison's "Postcard" About the Ranch
No 34 Another World
No 33 More Stone Walls (Muros)
No 32 The Emerging Community
No 31 Corrals and Fences
No 30 The Entrance to the Ranch
No 29 Stone Walls (Muros)
No 28 Carnivale, The Equestrian Events
No 26 The Equestrian and Hiking Center... under construction
No 25 The Old Sugar Cane Mill
No 24 Mystical
No 23 View From the Western Boundary
No 22 River Properties
No 21 "A River Runs Through It"
No 20 The Roads, Now and Then
No 19 The Reception Center and Offices, Interiors
No 18 The Reception Center and Offices, Exterior
No 17 Joe's Volleyball Stadium
No 17A Joe's Volleyball Stadium...some close-ups
No 16 The Gardens at Joe's
No 15 The Serenity of Hacienda San Joaquín
No 14 Climate, Horses, Friendly People,
Home & Furniture Building
No 13 The Marriage of Claudio and Blanca
No 12 Why Ecuador? Why Vilcabamba?
Why Hacienda San Joaquín?
No 11 First Hospital Visit
No 10 Zamorano
No 9 Live and Prosper in Ecuador Conference
No 8 "Living Inside a Postcard",
by Eric Tate
No 7 Notes from Visitor, Marty Bednar
No 6 About Real Estate Prices in Ecuador
No 5 Fiesta at the Hacienda
No 4 Weekend in Quito
No 3 Butterflies, Rain and Volleyball
No 2 Downtown Vilcabamba and the Climate
No 1 First Trip to the Dentist in Ecuador

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