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An Oasis in the Andes. . .

Hacienda San Joaquín, a 663-acre ranch, is located in the beautiful Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador. The ranch is approximately two miles from the attractive, quaint and internationally renowned village of Vilcabamba, the jewel of Ecuador. The property is bordered and protected on three sides by the Andes Mountains and on the fourth by the Vilcabamba River.

The setting, within one of the world's most spectacular regions, is extraordinary, magical, private, tranquil and soothing. There is a special feeling on this ranch noticed and commented on by visitors. An oasis, Hacienda San Joaquín is an uncommon place on the planet. Visit and you will feel it.

A limited number of unique riverfront and hillside home sites, each of various sizes and amenities, are offered for purchase. The vast majority of the property will be preserved in its natural habitat, ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

In addition to the stunning setting in the Andes Mountains, another remarkable aspect of the area is the year-around spring weather. The days are warm and the nights are cool. There is a dry and a rainy season. During the "rainy" season, which runs from approximately October to April, it rains mostly at night, and the hills turn emerald green.

Ecuador... Vilcabamba... Hacienda San Joaquín... this may be what you are looking for. One of our property owners searched the world for twenty years. The moment he visited Hacienda San Joaquín, he knew he found what he was after. This may be your experience as well.

Join us at the ranch. We are looking for a small number of high-quality people, i.e., those who seek a peaceful and healthy lifestyle, are kind to their neighbors, and respect the natural world.